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Only 6+ Years...

HA!  I'll bet y'all thought I wuz dead, didn't you?

Well, despite the rumors, it ain't so - I still live and breathe! (mostly)

So it's been 6+ years since my last post - So much has taken place since then that I wouldn't know where to begin to tell you about it, plus you would either leave or slit your wrists long before I got to the end of the tale, anyway, and my readership is at a premium so I'd best not lose any of you :P

Wish I could say that I've gotten back into playing The Sims, or creating new stories, etc., but the truth is I still don't even have it installed on my computer (well, I have TS4 installed, but due to other, unrelated computer problems I can't really play it, so I don't even acknowledge its existence).  I hope to remedy that soon-ish, though, as I plan to format Ye Olde Hard Drive and reinstall Winblows7 (a real, live, honest-to-goodness, shore-nuff, bonafide, bought-and-paid-for copy this time (my first!)) in the near future, and I'd like to put all my little pixellated people back on, too (I miss 'em, I really do...).

So that's where we are at this point.  In a holding pattern.  Playing the Waiting Game.  Twiddling our collective thumbs, as it were.

More Later (as opposed to Less Now).


So, Yeah, It Came And Went...

Uh huh, it did.   It came and it wented.

The Fat Feller brought me exactly what he's brought for the past few years - nothin' at all, so no surprises there.

I gathered all around and decorated the Christmas Twig while listening to The Jackson 5 Christmas album. (Little Michael was SO cute back then, when he was still young... and Black... and Human...)

Then on Christmas Day, I got up at the Crack of Noon, cooked the Traditional Southern Christmas Dinner - Roadkill Stew, Cheeto's and Sweet Potatoes (rim shot).   But seriously...  I cooked dinner, then asked myself if I'd like to carve the Christmas Rat.   Don't say "Awwww."  It was a good-sized one, almost as large as last year's Christmas Pigeon!

Then, after dinner, the kids all gorged themselves on the last of the After-Halloween-Sale Candy, which I had smartly re-dyed Red and Green for the occasion. (They never knew the difference, the little toothless darlings)

So, with Christmas finally over I suppose it's time to turn my attention elsewhere, change my page layout again, and whatever.   'course, I could do something I've been thinking about for awhile, and...  Well, more on that later (or not).

Yes, yes, 'tis indeed December once again, and with it comes bitter, bone-chillin' temperatures, white fluffy snowflakes that look so beautiful when they first start falling, but THEN you have to dig your way out of the driveway in the morning.  Not so pretty now, are they?  Unless you live in a more temperate climate, like California or the Bahamas - then you have NO idea what the heck I'm talking about!

neway, I ran across a neat Chinese page the other night, and it was all like "Yay! We can haz Olympics! Yay!" (Chinese pages apparently get updated less often than my LJ, yeah...)  So, (as is my custom) I pilfered the text and images of the cute little Mascots that they used and I'm going to endeavor to reproduce them here, under a cut.

Be advised, this will be my first attempt at doing a cut, so it very well may explode in one of Pescado's Fiery Balls Visible From Space, 'course you'll never know, 'cuz if it does I'll delete it and you'll never see it.  So There.

This has absolutely nothing to do with TS2, you say?  Au Contraire (or however you spell it) I say!  Peggy made recolors of the Teddy Bear that look just like these little guys.

Here's the CutCollapse )

Thanksgiving Eve

Hey, all. (as if there was actually anyone reading this, lol)

'Tis the Eve of Thanksgiving (that's the day before Turkey Day) and the chemicals just happened to mix together in my brain and cause me to visit my LJ and I thought "Gee, I really should take this opportunity to change my theme to something nice for Christmas and...

Aw, Piff - who am I kidding? I was browsing someone else's LJ and squeed all over myself when I saw their pretty Christmas Ornament banner, and it prompted me to change mine too. You very well might be seeing that same theme here if I get around to it before Christmas.

I can't promise anything, though, because I'm having to use this crappy 500mHz laptop with a whopping 64MB of RAM, and it could go at any time...

Any old way, hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

First Friggin' Entry

Well, here it is, my first LJ entry <insert Trumpets here>.

I suppose a little about me, and what this space will consist of is in order...

I'm me. ~ That's about it. ~ If you know me irl, you know me. ~ If you don't, well, I'm just another collection of pixels on your screen. ~ I compute, I play games, I like The Sims 2, I'm starting down a long and arduous path of Story-Writing (and/or) Movie-Making (I really like to use hyphenated terms...) ~ I'm quirky ~ I'm snarky at times (read: nearly all the time) ~ That's it. ~ 'nuff said. ~ The End.

My LJ:
Well, as plans stand atm, it's going to be about The Sims 2.  Not very descriptive, I know, but hey, maybe if I (ever) put any "real" content on here, you'll know what it's all about (and I will, too!) (I also like to use parentheses to enclose aforementioned snarky remarks.).

So, there you have it (what there is of it, anyway).